Saborizantes para comida de Animales Domésticos


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Each product ceases to be part of a single study in which we take into account the concept of the product, consumer preferences, culture and trends. We have the goal to provide the most accurate and convincing solution that meets customers’

expectations and desires.

Among our customer services are application laboratories at pilot scaleb that are available for testing, promoting the

development of innovative concepts to

capitalize new market opportunities.

Sabores Dulces


Joy promoters


Through extensive experience, we achieved a great variety

of flavors like: natural, natural-identical and artificial.





         Drinks and Sodas

         Dairy Products


         Cookies and Pastries

         Gelatins and Desserts


         Pharmaceutical Products

Sabores Salados

An aromatic language


Salty flavors are related to the synthesis of traditional and regional cuisine. As a result of globalization, we take into account consumers’ taste preferences and decipher an aromatic avant-garde language.

Our palette of aromas: meat products, diary products, seasonings, oleoresins and highlighters establish an appropriate sensorial connection to give that point of irresistible pleasure.








         Cold Cuts 




The best technology in Flavors


Sabores Frutas


Aromatic tropical dance


Perceive and identify the principal components and molecules responsible for fruit aroma, it is to understand its exuberant nature. This is a major tool to achieve an exceptional collection of tropical fruit flavors:


Mango, Passion Fruit, Peruvian “Chicha Morada”, Guava, Soursop, Pineapple, “Cas”,  “Lúcuma”, “Lulo”, Tamarind, Papaya, Coconut, Banana and many more.



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