Perros y Gatos
Saborizantes Alimentos, Perros y Gatos
Saborizantes para comida de Animales Domésticos


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Saborizantes para Alimento de Caninos y Felinos

Experts and engineers support customers directly in their factories  to integrate our additives and aromas in industrial

manufacturing processes.


With profound comprehension of food preferences in canine and feline breeds, we propose effective palatants for dry and moist food.

Our variety includes hydrolyzed aromas “Zoadigest”, in both liquid and powder presentation.

Additionally, Chicken, Lamb, Bacon, Beef, Salmon, Vegetables and Cereal aromas. In different forms: water-soluble and oil-soluble, dried by atomization “Spray-Dried”, dispersions, and emulsions. All these can be effectively incorporated in the different stages of elaboration and extruded in croquettes for pet food.




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