We orient our resources towards satisfying our passion and the constant challenge of knowledge, the application of new technologies, laboratory tests, R&D and the development of creative solutions.


Our offices in Latin America generate synergy by creating innovative products in accordance with our customers’ requirements.


In each project, we realize a study that begins with understanding the concept of the product and its potential market.


We work closely with our customers, offering an integral service.


Market knowledge


Our technical and sales team is specialized in areas of influence, this lets us have a clear and complete image of the global market. We constantly monitor databases related to the launch of new products around the world.

Servicio Integral, Sinergia, Innovación, Laboratorios de I&D, Productos Innovadores


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Asociación Venezolana de la Industria de Salud Animal
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CACIA, Cámara Costarricense de la Industria Alimentaria
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Sabores, Fragancias, Esencias, Aromas, Aceites Esenciales, Callizo, Callizo Aromas

Callizo Aromas SAC


IOFI, Organización Internacional de la Industria de Sabores, Callizo, Callizo Aromas
Callizo, Callizo Aromas, Sabores, Fragancias, Esencias, Aromas, Aceite Esenciales
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Towards the forefront


We devote much of our financial resources to the investigation of new ingredients and technologies. We are in the ongoing quest of offering new solutions to capitalize new market opportunities.    




Investigación y desarrollo, Sabores, Fragancias, Aromas, Esencias, Aceites Esenciales, Callizo, Callizo Aromas

Methodological identity

Research centers located in each of our plants, we create new aromas which are very specific to each country. This has made us referenced experts when developing local products.

To provide the most convincing solution, part of our services are: appropriate facilities, specialized laboratories, pilot scale testing and sensorial analysis.

In Callizo, we build a methodological identity which is conceptual and practical. This way, we obtain more coherent and integrated results when we develop our products.



Limitless sensations


Smelling, seeing, tasting and feeling are sensorial tests, we use them as essential tools in numerous areas of application.



The implementation of sensorial panels has allowed us to observe and analyze the functioning of human senses in both consumers and animals. In the different locations, we realize various sensorial tests and then feedback from each one of our creations is provided.


Thanks to constant training, we count with sensorial panel experts. They participate in multiple tests in order to respond to our customers’ demands about preferences in consumer groups for certain products.


Our expertise is shared with our partners in trainings where we use senses objectively, as one of the major scientific and technological tools of marketing.




We fulfill the requirements of quality and food safety, along with the current standards and regulations. With a sense of cooperation, we achieve continuous improvement and effective communication from all parties involved. Through professional work, creativity and respect we create a healthy environment.



The security program for the fragrance and flavor industry is based on the codes of practice (governing the use of ingredients), dictated by the IOFI (International Organization of the Flavor Industry) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association).


We are constantly audited by many of our customers in our facilities.


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