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We are a young efficient and dynamic Latin American organization; specialized in the creation and fabrication of aromatic products for manufacturing companies of consumer products.


Our divisions: Fragrances, Flavors, Pets and Zootechnics, have facilities in – Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, and Venezuela. In addition to several points of care and service in other countries around Latin America and the Caribbean.


Since its foundation in 1993, by Chemical Engr. Sergio Callizo, we still maintain an active and growing market participation in Latin America.


Our specialists in Research, Marketing, Quality, Production and Service give us a significant competitive advantage. This is key to our sustained growth which conserves the company.


We create leaders and experts of reference which provide excellent innovative products of high value added. In the hands of our professional personnel, we achieve the objectives of our clients by meeting the consumers’ expectations.

Callizo considers the benefit of the community and seeks the development of our region through a sustainable production for an improved environment.  

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As part of our business strategy and growth commitment, we incorporate new sustainability practices. This is done in order to understand and monitor the impact of our value chain. This commitment promotes a balanced relationship between the company, our suppliers, customers, community and the environment.


We are true to legislative compliance (both national and international) human rights, fair trade, quality and safety management and environmental awareness.


In the workplace we promote the personal and professional growth of all our staff.


Safety and Occupational Health: Warranty and resources for personnel health, accident prevention during labor hours, preventive maintenance of equipment and transport.


Environment: Clean energy, recycling, reusing, control and waste reduction, production with social commitment.


Human Talent: Personnel selection and training, fair contracts, benefits, healthy working environment (free from harassment and pressure), professional ethics.


Research and Development: Security in raw materials utilized, suppliers’ selection and control, innovation

and creation, new product development along coworkers.


Commitment to Our Coworkers: PCustom products, quality management systems and food security

(based on international standards), supplying assurance, competitive delivery periods, local production, personalized technical

service and trainings.