Palatability and nutritional value at reasonable cost

Sabores para Nutrición Animal


It is not always possible to formulate a portion where the maximum nutritional value is taken at reasonable cost, without affecting palatability. The incorporation of new ingredients and the use of certain raw materials frequently induce the appearance of unpleasant flavors. This can cause delays in the fattening of animals and consequently important losses.


Our aromas are an effective solution to these problems. Our selection of aromatic notes attract the animals and guarantee an appropriate food consumption.

In pigs, the flavored pre-initiator affects the piglets efficiently, causing a precocious food consumption. By adding flavor to the food portion of the lactating sow, some components pass directly into the breast milk. This way, the piglet identifies  the flavor of the solid aliment with ease  and it accelerates the transition from breast milk to solid food.

The utilization of aromas in nutriments produce a better gastric secretion. Therefore, it decreases mechanical diarrheas.   

Our CAPTIVE SHRIMP flavor (for aquatic species) contains chemo-attractants, which stimulate appetite. It is specially designed for food formulations applied in shrimp, tilapia and other aquatic species.


Better digestion and nutrient absorption

Saborizantes Agropecuarios





A line of flavors developed specially

for each stage of growth

of the following












A line of flavors with Stevia prepared to be used in animal feed. It provides various benefits attributed to the components of the whole plant:

Appetite and growth stimulant, muscular mass augmentation, prevents tiredness, and helps regulate body temperature of the animals.

Its antibiotic properties combat E.Coli Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria and

Coryne-bacterium Difteriae, additionally combating the

Candida Albicans funghi. It stimulates

fertility and prevents disease.



A stimulant of animal appetite with natural sweet orange aroma and plants extracts that increase the ingestion of feed. It reduces the adverse stress responses by acting over specific neural receptors. It enhances overall fertility and accelerates the milk production process.


Reduces adverse stress responses

Increases feed intake

Anti-inflammatory properties

Natural Anti-oxidant

Enhances fertility

Ganadería, Vacas, Cerdos, Pollos, Peces


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